Bioeconomy International 2016:

“ABiRe: Development and implementation of innovative aquatic-based bio-refinery for microalgae Chlorella sorokiniana and duckweed Lemna minor”


Nowadays, with dramatic increasing of global energy demand along with progressively decreasing of raw materials, development of bio-refinery concept and close-loop technologies allowing achieving resource efficiency and sustainability have to become one of the main priorities worldwide. At this point, a potential of aquatic biomass such as microalgae and duckweed as a substrate for value-added products and CO2-neutral energy production is becoming more and more discussed topic over the last few decades.

The main objective of ABiRe project is development and implementation of innovative approach for microalgae and duckweed bio-refinery to produce valuable products with further utilization of residual biomass for waste water treatment and energy generation. In order to reach this goal cooperation between German and Russian research groups will be established. The project tends to take an advantage of the state-of-the-art industrial experience and at the same time innovative research and development in both countries.


  • Improvement of scientific competitiveness in further research activities related to the 3d generation bio-refineries.
  • Knowledge transfer and mobility of young scientists as well as engineers/experts from Russian and German Universities.
  • Enhancement of potential application of Chlorella sorokiniana and Lemna minor.
  • Enhancement of sustainable production of fine chemicals from microalgae and duckweed.
  • Sustainable business development by recycling of waste streams and energy recovery.
Flat Panel Airlift Reactor Module at the Pilot Plant in Hamburg-Reitbrook
Flat Panel Airlift Reactor Module at the Pilot Plant in Hamburg-Reitbrook