Sea & Sun Technology (DE), Heinz Schelwat

Microalgae pre-culture at Sea & Sun Technology GmbH

Founded in 1998 Sea & Sun Technology GmbH has its core competence in the field of development, production and distribution of underwater measurement systems. In 2010 the company branch Sea & Sun Organic acquired a greenhouse facility with a total area of 5,000 m², which since then is used to operate an indoor pilot plant for the production of microalgae and corresponding products, e.g., Astaxanthin.

Microalgae cultivation in an open pond at Sea & Sun Technology GmbH

In addition to the availability of 100,000 L indoor raceway pond systems and 8,000 L photobioreactors, a downstream machinery for processing algal biomass (separator, spray dryer, cell mill) and a well-equipped laboratory at the company headquarter enable the development of microalgal products as well as active participation in R&D projects. Ongoing activities include the exploitation of microalgae as a heterologous platform for the fermentative production of high value compounds dedicated to application in cosmetics industry.



Microalgae cultivation in bubble column reactors at Sea & Sun Technology GmbH
Stressed microalgae in bubble column reactors at Sea & Sun Technology GmbH