Microalgae cultivation at the laboratory scale reactor at TUHH
Microalgae cultivation at the laboratory scale reactor at TUHH

Over the last decade due to the climate change and a strategy of natural resources preservation the interest for the aquatic biomass has increased dramatically. Along with mitigation of the environmental pressure and connection of waste streams (including CO2 and heat emissions), microalgae and duckweed bio-refinery can supply food, feed, pharmaceutical and power industry with number of value-added products.

Nevertheless, aquatic-based bio-refinery concept is considered to be well-elaborated, downstream processing of the aquatic biomass for the production of high-value products or biofuels has still been considered as economically not visible, especially in terms of aquatic phase partition. Therefore, this project is focused on bio-refinery process optimization taking into account all technological steps from the cultivation and downstream processes, to the extraction of valuable products and residues usage.

Overall, ABiRe project intends to exploit knowledge and experience of German and Russian partners to provide scientific and technical throughput in the field of bio-based bio-refinery. The research and industry-related prospects of the project might significantly improve German-Russian partnership and address economic, political and social imbroglio.